"Severniy Park" Mixed usage residential complex

"Severniy Park" Mixed usage residential complex

Project number: 12

Status: realization

Client: "Inteco-center" OOO

Address: 25, Leningradskoye highway, Moscow, Russia

Indicators: Total area 120 000m2

Appointment: 2001

Completion: 2004

Architects: V.Plotkin, D.Zhesliaev, E.Nozhova, E.Romanova, I.Turin, I.Chertkov. Masterplanning: A.Shushkov, A.Tsivian

The complex consists of 4 different constructions of various heights united together by a common underground car park. Sections A, B,C are residential, 39-, 29- and 19- storey high. Section D is a shopping gallery with restaurants, cafes and offices. The common car park is divided into separate zones: Zone 1 - 300 places with an integrated car wash for 2 cars is for residents only. Zone 2 is a 352-place visitor’s car park.

The residential part of the complex is situated in the north of the plot and represents a 39-storey construction with a commercial usage ground floor. In plan the building is formed by two symmetrical sections. Starting from the 21-st level the area of each floor slightly decreases. All residential buildings are equipped with 2 independent halls with 3 elevators each, one of them going down to the level of the car park.