"Moscow-City" multifunctional complex

"Moscow-City" multifunctional complex

Project number: 957

Status: concept

Client: ОАО "Mosinzhproject"

Address: 13, 1st Krasnogvardeysky passage, Moscow, Russia

Indicators: Site area above ground 170 000 m2., including: offices 110 000 м2., appart-hotel 30 750 м2., congress centre 6 700м2., catering 1 500 м2., retail 500 м2., sporting facilities 3 700 м2., service levels and units 6 850 м2. underground 14 000 м2., number of car placements 1728

Appointment: 2014

Completion: 2014

Architects: Vladimir Plotkin, Sergey Uspensky, Natalia Tolmacheva, Elena Filipcheva, Artem Umagulov, Rosaliya Terziyan, Daria Shoubenkova

Engineers: Vadim Semenov

The 0.8ha building plot intended for the construction of the multifunctional administrative complex is a part of the large territory of the “Moscow-city” district and is situated next to the “Mercury City Tower”. In the South and South-West the plot borders the building of the Moscow Business Centre; in the North it borders the 1st Krasnogvardeisky passage from the East – Vystavochniy lane. The geographical position of the plot on the crossing of two streets that border “Moscow-City” presumes the creation of an important architectural landmark. Taking it into consideration as well as the functional features of the future complex, architects have opted to create a neat composition of vertical volumes of offices with an apart-hotel and a horizontal volume of congress hall.  Up to the 26th floor, the vertical tower is being cut through by the atrium space. Above the 26th floor the tower is divided in two, one tower – offices and the second one - apart-hotel with the views to the centre of Moscow and the Kremlin.

The horizontal volume of the complex - the congress hall is raised above the ground level, forming a huge visor with the Main Plaza situated under it. On the three sides of the ground level are situated the Main Lobbies for the apart-hotel, offices and the congress hall. The first floor spaces are intended for commercial usage of “street retails”. The load area for shops is situated on the side of the newly designed driveway, parallel to the 1st Krasnogvardeisky passage. Several levels of the atrium space unite restaurants, bars, retails and sporting facilities areas with the congress hall. The roof of the horizontal volume (level of the 4th floor) is planned to be a green area with an additional private recreational zone. One more green rooftop with recreational area and a swimming pool intended for owners of the apartments has been designed in the complex. High speed elevators transport passengers from the entrance directly to the green rooftop, serving the courtyard of the complex, and to the apart-hotel.

In the atrium space several panoramic elevators will serve the lower levels of the offices. Several additional elevators serve exclusively the highest levels of the offices. Escalators and the main staircase connect the spacious hall with the lobby of the conference hall and the lounge zone.

Due to border restrictions of the building plot, architects have designed a completely motorized underground car park using the system “MULTIPARKER 720”, working as a “high rack”. This car park is ideal for reduced spaces with high ceilings. The entrance has been designed as a double-track ramp leading to the -1 level of the car park. Afterwards with the help of several turning platforms, cars are automatically transported to their storage place. Main advantages of that kind of motorized car park are the short waiting time to receive the car (due to the fast change of platforms), the absence of the ramp, of lighting and ventilation of the underground area as well as it’s ecological value.