"Kvadro" shopping mall

"Kvadro" shopping mall

Project number: 494

Status: Built

Client: “TEMA” ZAO

Address: 88 Kutuzovskiy Ave., Moscow, Russia

Indicators: Site area: 0,59 Hа, total area: 16 600 м², total area above ground: 11 690 м², 4 floors

Appointment: 1999

Completion: 2003

Architects: V.Plotkin, I.Deeva, A.Borodushkin, D.Kazakov, I.Proniakina, M.Shershova, N.Anokhina

Engineers: I.Katz, V.Serebrennikov, D.Korneev, V.Shishkin

The shopping mall is situated between Aminievskoye lane, Klochkova Street and Koutouzovsky lane. The design solution proposes a 3-4 storey building for retail purposes. Commercial part of the building has been organized around an atrium that connects 3 floors vertically. The atrium divides the main volume into 2. The first one is a glazed volume with a slope roof. The angle of the slope is 30⁰. The second part, overlooking Klochkova Street is a closed volume with minimum of glazing and a flat rooftop.