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A hotel is a place with furnished rooms for temporary living for tourists and businessmen. The specificity of this type of constructions is in the fact that apart their residential and business purpose they have a large number of related services for instance various recreations, restaurants and services.

When designing hotels, “Reserve” specialists always take into consideration the range of services proposed by the hotel as well as its level of comfort (its category). Architectural design of a hotel should always correspond to the particular qualities of the building which is determined by its purpose and profile. The functional component of the building depends on the type of the hotel as well as its holding capacity.

Modern hotels designed by “Reserve” specialists are complex constructions with a large number of rooms with different functions like living, catering, services and administration. The layout of services and living spaces is always done taking into consideration particular technological processes of each hotel. Besides the interior layout, “Reserve” specialists imagine and organize exterior premises of the hotel by equipping territories with car parks, recreational zones, sports complexes, swimming pools and much more.

Hotel design