Laureate of the State Prize of Russia, member of the Union of Architects of Russia, Corresponding Member of the International Engineer Academy, Honorary builder of Russia, Honored Builder of Russia.

Semion Lamdon (born in 1949 in Tbilisi, URSS) graduated from the Moscow Institute of Transport Engineers in 1971. Having completed his Army service, in 1973-1975 he worked as the chief foreman in “CY-19 Trest Mosstroy-4”, took part in the reconstruction of the Red Square and the Kremlin.In 1975-1976 he worked as a chief of group in “MosSpetsPromProject”. From 1976 he held the position of chief engineer in the Department of building constructions in “Mosproject-1”.In 1982 Semion Lamdon was awarded a medal of “Honorary activist of the German Democratic Republic” for designing the building of the Embassy of GDR in Moscow (1979-1982).In 1987 together with Vladimir Plotkine co-founded cooperative “Reserve” – the 1st private architectural company in the USSR and later in the Russian Federation.In 1995 became the laureate of the State Prize of Russia in the field of architecture and art for “forming a harmonious environment and interiors in the building of “Incombank” in Moscow– one of the first private banks in Russia.

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Honored architect of Russia, member of the Russian Architects Union, professor of the International Academy of Architecture, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences, board member of the Moscow Architects Union, professor of the Moscow Institute of Architecture, lecturer at MARCH architectural school.

Vladimir was born in 1955 in Leningrad. In 1980 graduated from the Belarussia Polytechnic Institute. 1980 -1985: chief architect at the Belgosproject Project Institute (Minsk (Bl)). 1985-1995: project architect at the “Mosproject” Institute (Moscow). In 1987: together with Semion Lamdon founded cooperative «RESERVE». Starting from 1995 - Vladimir works as a chief architect of the company.

A great number of projects headed by Vladimir Plotkine received professional prizes and diplomas (“Arch-Moscow”, “Golden Section Awards”, “Zodchestvo”, World Architecture Festival (WAF) in Barcelona and many others). Projects by CU “Reserve” are regularly exhibited internationally (London, Berlin, Venice…), presenting best examples of Russian contemporary architecture and are often being published in Russian and beyond.

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Born in 1971 in Moscow. In 1990 graduated from the Chechulin’s Architecture and Construction Engineering College, in 1999 graduated as an Industrial and Civil Construction Engineer from the Moscow State University of Civil Engineering. Between 1990 -1995: worked as a design engineer at the Central Research and Design Institute for Residential Construction. In 1995-2000 - worked as a design engineer at “MoszhilNiiproekt”. 2000-2006: Held a position of a Head engineer, chief design specialist, head of the designer group in “RESERVE”. In 2006-2014: became a Head of the department of building structures in “Mosproekt-2” then in 2010 - Head engineer in “Mosproject-2”. In 2014 Dmitry returned to "RESERVE" as a Deputy General Director. In 2015 he became a General Director of the CU “RESERVE”.
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Sergey was born in 1973 in Moscow. In 1995 graduated from the Moscow State University of Railway Engineering. In 2000 post-graduate diploma from the Moscow Institute Transport Engineering, “Briges” department. Dissertation subject: “Curved super structures for urban transport overpasses”. 2000 – 2001: engineer for the Grontmij group, subdivision Verkeer en Infrastructuur, took part in the production of the design documentation for the International High-Speed-Line Amsterdam-Brussels project.

Works in «RESERVE» team since 2001.

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