"Fusion park" residential complex

"Fusion park" residential complex

Project number: 704

Status: realization

Client: "Moskapstroy”, GD “Center”

Address: 2, Ousacheva str., Khamovniki district, Moscow, Russia

Indicators: Site area: 3,15 Hа, total residential area: 57 778 м²,total administrative area: 25 500 м², cafeteria: 2 366 м², Fitness centre: 2 019 м² , museum: 4 024 м² , 6 floors

Appointment: 2006

Completion: 2008

Architects: V.Plotkin, S.Uspensky, V.Katsapov, E.Filipcheva, E.Zotova, S.Senkevich, O.Tsalova, A.Chalov, N.Tolmacheva, L.Shatalova, T.Sigacheva, S.Pospelov

Engineers: V.Serebrennikov, V.Andreev, L.Anshin, B.Ivanov, A.Nabatnikov, B.Nedbailo, A.Musatov, I.Smirnova

Interiors: E.Mikhailova

The complex is situated in a strictly regulated urban zone due to the protected landscape of the historical part of the city within the boundaries of archaeologically valuable cultural layers. It consists of three parts: offices, residential and the museum.

The Vintage car museum has not only been thought as a car exhibition space, but as a space of public happenings, meetings, presentations and temporary exhibitions. The building of the museum is overlooking the “Troubetskih hall in Khamovnikah” park; it stands out from the rest of the complex by its larger volumes and ventilated elevations that imitate wood. 

Residential and office parts of the complex represent a three-sectioned composition, forming by their shape two semi-closed courtyards with a non-residential ground floor. This part of the complex is characterized by a ledged shape of penthouses, more appropriate to residential buildings and a clear color of elevations. The territory improvement program of the complex includes planting terraced lawns on the ground as well as on the rooftop.