"Ekaterinovka" settlement

"Ekaterinovka" settlement

Project number: 851

Status: concept design

Client: "Narodnaya Investicionno-financivaya kompaniya" ZAO

Address: Ekaterinovka residential settlement, 58 Rublevskoye lane, region of Moscow, Russia

Indicators: Site area - - 11,92 Hа,floors: 1, 2, 3, 4, total area 135740 м2, total area above ground- 88840 м2.

Appointment: 2011

Completion: 2011

Architects: V.Plotkin, S.Gusarev, A.Butusov, A.Kuznetsov, A.Shumakova

The main idea of the design is a square modular grid, with the cells 21m x 21m corresponding to the size of a usual 4/5-storey building. The cells are filled with buildings in a random manner, respecting the distance regulation between two parallel buildings of a maximum of two modules (42 meters). The main part of the quarter is built up by 4 types of 4/5-storey buildings grouped differently together to form a single and intimate inside space, thus creating numerous and non-recurring courtyards for residents.

Architects have decided to make an emphasis on the public rectangular space situated in front of the main entrance to the plot, inside of the quarter. The interior public space is formed by the landscape design with a decorative fountain and a small 2-storey building. This building is intended to host a cafe, a small shop, a gathering hall and an office of the managing company. Behind this building is situated a universal sporting ground. Besides, several adjoining plots of land are decorated with ponds, decorative elements with geometrically planted trees and round floral beds. Although buildings have standard facades, they differ by color. This type of site development with changing color schemes and inside yards appears vivid and picturesque.

The underground car park is located in the central part of the quarter. Some houses that are situated above have a direct access to the parking via lifts and stairs. Residents of surrounding buildings have to walk. Two independent cottages with 0.50 Ha of land are located in the south-east part of the territory.