"Dynamo" multifunctional complex

"Dynamo" multifunctional complex

Project number: 754

Status: project

Client: "VTB ARENA"

Address: Dinamo district, Moscow, Russia

Appointment: 2008

Completion: 2013

Architects: V.Plotkin, S.Uspensky, S.Gusarev, A.Egerev, A.Nigmatulin, A.Khasanova, A.Ivanova, T.Marsimova, E.Chebyshev

Engineers: V.Panenkov, I.Kortyshko, V.Semenov, V.Andreev, L.Kaverzneva, O.Burmistrova

Collaboration: architecture bureau "Speech", "Asteros"

The project was realized in close collaboration with “SPeeCH” architecture bureau - the author of the master plan, urban project solution, architecture of the hotel with a congress-centre and of several apartment blocks. The complex is situated on the territory of the former “Dynamo” stadium, close to the “third transportation ring of Moscow” (or “TTK”) which is one of the busiest arterial roads of the city.  The task of our specialists was to work on two buildings intended for an apart – hotel.

Master plan regulates the location of all constructions on the territory, their height as well as the exterior stylistic unity of the complex achieved by the use of the light colored limestone on all the facades. One of the office buildings will serve as an urban dominant, marking the beginning of the construction of the new quarter. Its proportions and exterior elements are intended to unite the building with the rest of the complex.

The building facing the “Dynamo” park has also got an active exterior plasticity, a multi-layered façade and a terrace on the upper floor.  Façade solutions created by our specialists form some kind of “urban portals”, well paired with other buildings of the complex.