Since the year 1987 of the foundation of the Creative Production Union “Reserve”, the company has grown into one of the largest architectural firms in Moscow with its unique and clearly recognizable artistic and aesthetic positions. Thanks to a highly developed production base, highly skilled specialists and a permanent usage of the most advanced technologies in the sphere of the architectural design, the company produces high quality project documentation of all levels of difficulty and in relatively short terms. CU "Reserve" has licenses for all kinds of design works, including building design, design constructions of the highest level of responsibility and design constructions in difficult geotechnical conditions. One of the important advantages of our company is that all the sections of the project documentation are developed in accordance with the requirements of the Russian Government's Resolution N87 from the 16.02.2008. CU “Reserve” is also one of a few Russian companies successfully implementing latest BIM technologies, thereby increasing the efficiency of the entire process of the architectural design. 

Numerous works by CU “Reserve” repeatedly receive professional National and International prizes and diplomas (European Property Awards 2016-2017 (GB), Worlds Architecture Festival 2008, Barcelona (ES), “ArchMoscow”, “Golden Section”, “Zodchestvo” etc.), and published in the national press. In 2010 Vladimir Plotkin, executive partner and Head architect of the company, received the title of the “Architect of the Year” and presented his personal exhibition in 2011.

Today, the company consists of 4 architectural design departments and one interior design team. There is also a structural engineering department divided into 5 independent teams, a funktional planning department and a vertical planning department. Today, around 200 specialists work in CU “Reserve”.

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