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Any residential building is first of all a private space, comfortably organized from the planning, pedestrian and transportation points of views. It should be convenient, safe, should meet personal and social needs of its residents and interact with the surrounding conditions. Main points while creating the concept design of a residential building are: creating thought-out apartment layouts and meeting social factors; right choice of materials and a thorough analysis of landscape solutions necessary for the site guarantee the creation of a harmonious living environment and the uniqueness of the future building. CU “Reserve” always follows those core principles and produces constructions that meet the highest standards. Design of residential and multi-functional complexes, hotels and apart - hotels – any modification of residential buildings - are some of the main directions of our work. .

Designing civic buildings demands special professional thoroughness. Cultural, sports, educational and other public constructions are not only complex from technical, structural and programming point of view; when build, they become important urban dominants and play key roles in the formation of the urban context of the district. While working on a civic project, our specialists put maximum efforts to consider all the factors listed above. 

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