"Patrokl bay" residential district

"Patrokl bay" residential district

Project number: 879

Status: concept design

Client: "Dalspetsstroy" GUSS

Address: city of Vladivostok, Russia

Indicators: Site area - 119 Hа, total area - 598 000 м², residential - 548 000 м², educational institutions - 50 000 м², institutions socio-culturels - 30 000 м²

Appointment: 2011

Completion: 2012

Architects: V.Plotkin, A.Borodushkin, I.Gorelova, M.Ilushina, A.Gorelov, S.Vasina, A.Dulevich, D.Kuznetsov, E.Ismailova

Engineers: S. Chirkov

The designed territory is situated in the south-east part of the Mouraviova-Amourskogo peninsula. The plot can be characterized by the strong landscape relief with height differences from 10m to 115m. The main dominant of the landscape is the hill with two hollows (in the east and in the south-west), situated in the centre of the plot. The central, north and north-west parts of the territory are characterized with maximum slope inclinations. Reliefs of the west and east parts of the plot are quite neutral.

The base of the composition of the territory development is the concept of the detection of the natural landscape of the territory, creation of the background line to the sea front, creation of the attractive image of the district from inside and the outside. The main planning idea of the designed district is the principle of the quarterly development that takes into consideration difficult landscape conditions. The strict grid of blocks superposed on the landscape forms a dense, cozy and “rich” space of streets and courtyards. While working on the design of the complex, architects have determined several types of blocks to be placed in different slopes of the landscape.

The angles of slopes in the eastern part of the territory allow the usage of the orthogonal grid of blocks, whereas the rest of the plot is very steep, therefore residential blocks are formed by repeating horizontal outlines along the road network.

2 schools and 5 kinder gardens have been designed on the territory; designers have imagined the creation of a green area that should connect the lake to further parts of the territory and several recreational areas next to the lake and other public spaces.