"Beregovoi" residential district

"Beregovoi" residential district

Project number: 898

Status: concept

Client: ОАО "Gravstroy Development"

Address: 3, Beregovoy lane, Moscow, Russia

Indicators: Site area - 7,58 Hа,total area - 253 800 м²,total area above ground - 158 000 м², total underground area - 95 000 м², total area of flats124 100 м², number of flats -1 750, number of parking places - 2 450, floors above ground - 1-21, floors under ground: -1, -2

Appointment: 2012

Completion: 2016

Architects: V.Plotkin, S.Uspensky, S.Senkevich, N.Kanashenko, T.Maksimova, A.Piven, R.Terziyan, D. Chernov

The plot intended for the construction of the new micro-district is located in the west part of Moscow, on the territory of the Filevsky park at the following address: 22, Beregovoy passage. The north side of the plot borders the nature zone of the Moscow-river floodplain, from the south – it borders the designed passage № 2017, from the east – Beregovoy passage, from the west – the territory of the State Research and production Space Center named after Khrounichev. Actually, Moscow fabric of concrete products and pipes is situated on the plot.

The design solution includes a complex approach to the development of the territory: new constructions, reorganization of the nature zone along the Moscow-river, creation of new green spaces, enlargement of the road and of the Beregovoy passage. The architectural design solution of the future residential district has been chosen after a thorough analysis of the surrounding area, the closeness of the Moscow-river and a close study of the insolation of the territory. The composition of the district is formed by 6 independent half-closed blocks that can be built and exploited separately. Most apartments will face the river. The silhouette of the complex is formed by several high-rise accents and a smooth lowering of buildings in height as they get close to the river.

Boulevards and the central walking area will be placed between the blocks. It will divide the territory in two. A kindergarten for 220 children has been designed in the center. The entrance to the 2-storey car park will be from the Beregovoy passage, the exit –to the Filevsky Boulevard. Residential buildings of the complex are united together by a stylobate, which can be accessed by feet or by special transport only. Entrances to the buildings have been designed on two sides: from the exterior boulevard and from the internal courtyard. Ground floors have been designed to home studios and ateliers.