"Avenue 77" multifunctional residential complex

"Avenue 77" multifunctional residential complex

Project number: 744

Status: Built

Client: "Capital Group" ООО

Address: Est. 1A, North Chertanovo district, Moscow, Russia

Indicators: Site area: 3,02 Га, total area: 347 580 м², 1 518 appartments

Appointment: 2005

Completion: 2009

Architects: V.Plotkin, S.Uspensky, E.Filipcheva, V.Katsapov, S.Pospelov, S.Senkevich, O.Tsalova, A.Chalov, N.Tolmacheva

Engineers: V.Andreev, V.Porechny, V.Shishkin

The complex is situated in the Severnoe Chertanovo district of Moscow. It has been designed as an interpretation of the usual shape of the serial urban district development plan, giving the new meaning to the usual horizontal division of buildings and to the usual color palette. Thanks to the rhythm introduced by different exterior elements, the grid of the façade transforms becoming an independent element.

The composition consists of three high-rise (40-storey) residential buildings united together by the common 3-storey stylobate with 2 underground floors. , Together with the neighboring 24-storey building they form a comfortable internal courtyard, protected from noise and pollution of the street.

The office block 8-storey high is situated next to the stylobate, on the side of the car tunnel.  The main entrance to the stylobate is situated on the west and is served by a ramp. Two transparent elevators and staircases leading over to the rooftop of the stylobate have been designed for pedestrian usage.

The differential relief is used to solve the problem of designing the system of entries to different parts of the complex. The main entrance to the commercial and recreational center has been designed on the East side of the estate as a continuation of pedestrian area.