"Aeroflot-russian airlines" HQ

"Aeroflot-russian airlines" HQ

Project number: 731

Status: realization

Client: “Aeroflot-Russian Airways” OAO

Address: Mezhdounarodnoe highway, Melkisarovo village, Moscow Region, Russia

Indicators: Site area : 3,16 Hа, total area: 35 530 м², total area above ground: 25 000 м², 6 floors

Appointment: 2004

Completion: 2010

Architects: V.Plotkin, S.Gusarev, N.Romishevskaya, J.Denisova, T.Diasheva, S.Dudukin, M.Ilyevskaya, E.Kovshel, E.Mikhailova, A.Travkin, I.Turin, N.Lyslov

Engineers: I.Katz, F.Kayumov, V.Serebrennikov, A.Tarnopol, V.Andreev, A.Aksenova, A.Borodkin, M.Dachkina, V.Zakubanskaya, B.Ivanov, A.Ivanov, N.Konstantinova, G.Kochanova, A.Musatov, B.Nedbailo, V.Panenkov, G.Popova, N.Sergievskaya, S.Sherbina

Interiors: Sergey Estrin architecture bureau

The building plot is located on the Mezhdunarodnoye highway, 3 km from the International airport Sheremetyevo-2.

While working on the composition of the project, architects took into consideration the perception factor while moving on the highway, as well the client’s wish that the composition should remind visitors of the main function of the company as well as of its historical symbol.

The complex consists of two 6-storey buildings, located centrally symmetrically to Mezhdunarodnoye highway and united together by the common atrium. Main architectural elements of the composition are two sloped facades placed opposite one to another.

The multi-light volume of the atrium carries several functions – communicational and recreational – each floor of the atrium has several cafeterias. A conference-hall, hidden on the atrium’s façade, is located on the 3rd floor.

Almost all the offices have been designed in form of an open-space structure. Head offices are located on the 5th and 6th floors and are overlooking the airfield of the airport.